Daintree Power

The electricity situation faced by Daintree Coast community has always been a vexed issue.

People would be shocked to learn more than five million litres of diesel is burnt annually in the world-heritage listed Daintree Rainforest simply to run generators.

Successive Queensland Governments have showed absolutely no interest in addressing this issue and I felt the petty excuses and blame shifting had gone on long enough.

I gave the Daintree community a firm commitment that I would do all within my power to help find a solution.

I worked closely with the Federal Environment Minister and ultimately secured federal funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to conduct a feasibility study with the express aim of finding a long-term and sustainable power solution.

The findings, business case and proposed solutions were presented to the Daintree community in March, 2018.

There was one clear option/solution in the report the community asked me to pursue on its behalf.

Further discussions between all the relevant parties and stakeholders are now well advanced, but everything hinges on the Queensland Government coming on-board.

The cost for the Daintree Power Grid is approximately $33 million – a small drop in the ocean if you weigh the monetary outlay up against the environmental benefits.