Cairns Cities Deal – Rectangular Stadium

I am determined to see a Cairns Cities Deal come to fruition and securing one will form a significant aspect of my re-election campaign.

Securing a Cities Deal will be critical to the region’s prosperity for generations to come.

A Cities Deal is a commitment between the three levels of government to work together to deliver transformative outcomes for Cairns and its residents.

However, it will only work if all three levels of government are on the same page.

The main objective of the Cities Deal is to align the planning, investment and governance necessary to accelerate growth and job creation, stimulate urban renewal and drive economic reforms.

Negotiations will all three levels of government are currently underway.

A Cities Deal is not just a motherhood statement – it will provide tangible details about future infrastructure projects and how they will be funded.

A key aspect of any future Cities Deal will be the three levels of government working with private enterprises to stimulate investment and create more local jobs.

The centrepiece of the Cairns Cities Deal will be the long-overdue rectangular stadium.

It is currently the missing piece of the puzzle but the stars are aligning.

A site close to the Cairns CBD has been identified and the negotiations are advancing.

A rectangular stadium will ensure Cairns becomes the number one tropical sports conditioning centre in Australia.

It will be the jewel in the crown.

The federal government is extremely supportive of a Cairns Cities Deal and I firmly believe if we work together those stars will align.